About this project

This website was developed during a seminar of the study program "Holocaust Communication and Tolerance" at Touro College Berlin in cooperation with the Nazi Forced Labour Documentation Center. For two semesters, students addressed the topic of forced labour at Siemens in Berlin. Because the Corona pandemic made an in-person exhibition impossible, the students developed a concept for a digital exhibition. Despite very limited access to archives, they researched biographies, collected material, wrote texts and designed this website. It gives an impression of the lives and fates of victims from all over Europe. It also presents German perpetrators and profiteers and shows how forced labour was a part of everyday life in the Reich capital.

Today there is little awareness of how public the crimes of World War II were. The approval or at least tacit acceptance by German society, which profited from the suffering of its European neighbours, has not led to reflection. The project offers an introduction to the topic in the hope that it will stimulate stronger interest in this history.


Ellen Fischer
Alischia Kusche
Eyal Roth
Johanna Schubert

Scholarly Guidance

Dr. Christine Glauning
Prof. Dr. Stephan Lehnstaedt

Website Concept

Ellen Fischer
Eyal Roth  – The Jewish Heritage tour of Berlin

Project Assistance

Anna Blumin
Roland Borchers


Miriamne Fields 


Dr. Gianfranco Ceccanei, Familie Grot, Familie Di Leo, Thomas Irmer, Dr. Esther Maier & Dr. Matthias Uhl (Deutsches Historisches Institut Moskau), Rolf Schmolling, Uwe Hofschläger, Jugendgeschichtswerkstatt Spandau, Pfarrerin Gisela Dittmer, Falkensee-Seegefeld, Hans-Erich Viet und Thomas Keller.

We thank the Siemens historical institute (Dr. Florian Kiuntke and Florian Blocher) for the support and funding for the the project.

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