Siemens Camp in Salzhof

The Salzhof camp on Rhenaniastrasse in Spandau was the largest Siemens camp in Berlin. Construction of the camp complex with 96 barracks for 4,600 civilian forced labourers, prisoners of war and convicts began in 1941 and was implemented in several stages. The complex was divided into different camp areas (as of November 1943): Salzhof-Mitte for Italian military internees, Salzhof-Nord for Belgians, French and Poles, Salzhof-Ostarbeiter for Eastern workers and Salzhof-Strafgefangene for German prisoners of conscience. There were also 125 children living in Salzhof. The camp population changed several times over the years.

Plan des Lagers Salzhof, 1941 © Siemens Historical Institute Berlin, 31453
According to the building plan of 24 November 1941, the complex was to be divided into an “Italian camp” for 2,286 people and a “collective camp” for 2,448 people. The access road ran from the street now called Am Havelgarten.
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